Sunday, November 15, 2015

Cutting the Sashing and Building the Rows

Take a few minutes to measure all of your blocks.  If you have used a 1/4-inch seam, they should finish out at 10.5 inches square.  If you find the measurements are larger, you can always trim your blocks down a little.  If they are smaller, you can press the blocks again, taking care to avoid any creases you may have accidentally pressed into the blocks the first time around.  Remember you will have a little give, so don't stress if they're off 1/16th of an inch.  *You know who I'm talking to...*

This measurement is important because you will cut the sashing this length.  Once again, you will cut three-inch strips of your fabric. You need 24 pieces of sashing, each 3 inches by 10.5 inches.

Depending on the width of your fabric once the selvage is removed, you will need 6 or 7 strips.  I allowed for 8 strips on the pattern, just in case.  My fabric measured exactly 42 inches wide without the selvage, so I was able to get four 10.5 inch pieces out of each strip.

Following the pattern, lay out the blocks.  The four all-light blocks go in the middle with the half-and-half ones around the edges.  Nice.

You will sew one sashing piece to the right-hand side of each of the first three blocks in each row.  The last block will not need a piece of sashing.

Pin the blocks to the sashing, stretching as needed to meet the edges perfectly.  Remember your sashing is all the same length, so making the blocks match the sashing will help to square up the blocks.

**Press the seam allowances toward the sashing.  Lay out the rows again.  Now you will sew the block+sashing to the next block+sashing until you have the row complete.

Now you're ready to lay out the sashing rows which go between.  You may want to play with the selection of fabrics you use for the setting squares.  I chose to complete the stars with green setting squares and continue the diagonal blocks with my accent squares.  Try different combinations and choose what you like best.  The row will be:

Sashing + Setting Square + Sashing + Setting Square + Sashing + Setting Square + Sashing

** Press these seam allowances toward the sashing.  By pressing the rows in this manner, you will be able to nest the seams when you sew them together.

Somebody say, "Ta-Da!"

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