Monday, October 5, 2015

Road to Oklahoma Pattern

Okay, Gang.  Here is the pattern we will be using for our Road to Oklahoma project.  The highlighted portion pertains to the initial fabric requirements which I underestimated.  Please let me know if I still need to cut this piece for you.

Here's a little explanation for my chicken scratch.  

I called the light fabric the Background because I wanted you to think about this one like the background we used in the sampler.   You will need 60 3-inch squares.  The easiest way to cut these squares is to fold your fabric very neatly selvage to selvage.   The selvages are the finished edges of the fabric.  Press so the fabric will stay straight while you cut.  I like to fold the fabric in half again.  This time the folded edge will be on top of the selvage edges.

Lay the fabric on your rotary mat and trim one cut end to be straight.  Make sure that the cut you make trims all of the layers even.  Now move the ruler over and cut a strip that is 3 inches wide.

You have now cut a 3-inch WOF (width of fabric) strip.  Say, "Wahoo!"  Dance a little jig.  Celebrate with a French Vanilla Cappuccino.  You've earned it.

You will need 5 of these strips. Each strip will still be folded double. Sub-cut the strip into 3-inch squares.  You will cut two squares at a time.  Be sure you cut off the selvage edges first.  You don't want to use that part of the fabric.  Depending on the width of your fabric, you will get 13 or 14 squares from each strip.

The 4-inch squares will be cut the same way.  Cut a 4-inch strip and subcut into 4-inch squares.  You should get 10 4-inch squares from a strip.

In the column beside the number of squares, I have listed the number of strips needed.  The next column shows the total inches of fabric needed to cut the total strips and hence, the total squares.  From the inches I figured the yardage we needed to purchase, allowing a little extra.  Or trying to add a little extra.  *sigh*

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