Saturday, September 19, 2009

Scripture Cake

A friend recently gave us this recipe, and we've been having fun planning a baking session. There are still a couple of items I need to check with a much more experienced cook, but we're looking forward to giving it a whirl. If you try it, let me know how it works out.

1 C Judges 5:25
3 1/2 C Exodus 29:2
2 C Nahum 3:12
1 C Genesis 24:17
1 t Exodus 16:31
2 C Jeremiah 6:20
2 C 1 Samuel 30:12
1 C Numbers 17:8
6 Isaiah 10:14
1 pinch Leviticus 2:13
3 t Amos 4:5

Season to taste with 1 Kings 10:2. Follow Solomon's prescription for a good boy in Proverbs 23:14 and bake. Each scripture verse contains one or more ingredients used in making a cake. Follow carefully.

Here's a slightly different version which omits a troubling reference for us, Genesis 24:17. It also contains the actual ingredients if you want to double check before you bake, or if you are so inclined to cheat. Surely not.

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