Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bathroom Redo

We had noticed an issue in one of our bathrooms with the paint bubbling up and peeling above the top edge of the shower. I had one of those self-cleaning systems that hangs on the shower head in there, and I blamed the problem on it. I thought the shower spray was bouncing off and causing the sheetrock to become wet.

I got rid of the shower cleaner, scraped the wall, patched, and repainted. Over time, it started to happen again. All we could figure was that our older son's head was the problem, and since we'd rather keep it around we looked for an alternative.

Many of you know how smart my sister and brother-in-law are. Believe it or not, they were having the same problem in their master bath. (Apparently my brother-in-law's head is a problem, too.) They fixed their shower by affixing a couple of rows of tile above the enclosure, essentially increasing its height and protecting the walls.


When they were down for a visit this summer, these two went to the store with us and helped us buy everything we needed to fix our bathroom. They spent part of a day tiling these couple of rows for us, and it has really made all of the difference. What good guys!

The problem with the paint had kept me from getting this room repainted, so with the tiles in place we were raring to go. My daddy came over one day and painted the whole thing this beautiful blue called Azure Mist. It really brightened things up, and the semi-gloss finish is much more appropriate for a bathroom with its high moisture level.

These towel hooks are one of my very best purchases and tips for anyone who shares a bathroom. There's no question about which towel is whose, and I love the way they provide function and a bit of style at the same time.

We can call this one done. Somebody say, "Check."

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