Sunday, August 23, 2009

Confession Time

Okay, so here's the plain truth. Science experiments stress me out.

I know. I'm a homeschool mom, and I'm supposed to just love gettin' in there with my kids and exploring new ideas, taking chances, making mistakes, and learning new things in the process.

Our experience has been that science experiments generally mean me buying something I don't typically have on hand. It always involves pulling out a million different things, and at least a fair percentage of the time, said experiment does not work.

I'm grumpy and uncooperative. The kids become grumpy and uncooperative. It's just not a good day.

Enter Apologia Science.

I love this curriculum. We are doing General Science this year with our 7th grader. Our older children have done Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics as well. In fact, our 11th grader and his wonderful dad are doing Physics this year. We have also done some of the Apologia Elementary Science programs. They are all very well done, user-friendly, and pretty much fool-proof.

Although we have had some eventful science experiment days, I must admit that the goofs were more the fault of the experimenters than of Dr. Wile and his experiments. (Sometimes my kids and their friends ask the question, "What if we...," and then proceed to do a little experimenting on their own.) Always read the directions!

One of our first experiments this year demonstrated the density of various substances and objects. It's all about the atoms and how closely they are packed together.

Fill a tall glass with 1/4 water. Add the same amount of vegetable oil. Then pour in the same amount of corn syrup. The corn syrup is dense enough to pass through both the water and the oil and rest on the bottom of the glass.

Next drop in a cork, a grape, an ice cube, and a small rock. Where do they rest?

Now, that's just plain cool and relatively stress-free.

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The Brownings said...

Michelle and Dustin LOVED that experiment!!! Michelle is actually the one doing the book but Dustin always chimes in on it! Have fun!