Friday, June 5, 2009

Sewing Machine Meme

Sew, Mama, Sew! is hosting a sewing machine meme to allow us to showcase our machines and read a little about everyone else's. What fun!

The first Christmas after we were married, my husband gave me a Brother sewing machine. It was a basic model from Wal-Mart which I kept for about 17 years. I cranked out clothing, curtains, quilt tops, aprons, craft projects, and more with that little machine, but keeping the correct tension was always a headache and after a while it finally just gave up.

I spent more than I wanted to have it repaired, but it was soon acting strangely again. I donated it to The Potter's House so that I would be forced to shop for a new one.

My sister and I were in Joann's one afternoon when they were having one of those "Every Sewing Machine On Sale" sales. We looked at the displays and talked about which one I should purchase. We found this White Style Pro that didn't have a price tag on it, and there weren't any others like it.

We carried it up to the counter to have them check the price and were very pleased to see that it rang up for $100. The clerk was rather surprised, and I am quite certain that she would have bought it herself had we left it in the store.

I didn't know very much about White machines, but I have been extremely pleased with this one. It is a pretty basic machine, but I was specifically looking for a sturdy mechanical model. I sew quite a lot, and this machine takes the abuse really well. It has been a real joy not to have to adjust the tension for every project and to be certain that the bottom stitching looks every bit as nice as the top!

I'm not sure that this model is still available, but I would definitely recommend this company. I would be willing to buy another White when the time comes.

I dream of owning an embroidery machine one day. I've always been a monogram fanatic, and I know that it would thrill my soul to monogram my husband's dress shirts, my daughter's and my sweaters, our bath towels, my sons' socks... It could get really ridiculous.

For now, I'll just keep this little guy humming along and be thankful for each project we complete together.

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