Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Catching Up

We've been having so much fun I haven't taken time out for blogging, so here's a quick rundown of the last couple of days.

We arrived at Grand Teton National Park on Saturday nearing lunchtime. Although we had pretty much scrapped our original plan to camp there for three nights, I was wavering. The weather was absolutely gorgeous. Blue skies stretched for miles, temperatures were in the 60's, the campgrounds were not yet full, the park was breathtakingly beautiful.

Nonchalantly, I commented that one of the campgrounds we had considered was just up ahead.


We drove a bit farther and stopped for a picnic lunch beside the lake. The mountains on the other side were a perfect backdrop, and I was lost in the romantic idea of pitching our tent, sitting in our chairs by the lake, reading books all afternoon, doing a bit of hiking, cooking over the campfire, and snuggling into our sleeping bags at night.

Again I tentatively suggested, "You know, we could just camp here like we'd planned."

More silence.

Finally, my wise and practical husband patiently reminded me that we spent two days drying out our tent, tarps, and other essentials inside our condo in Big Sky. Yes, we just moved the dining room table and chairs into the living room and set up our tent there for a couple of days. He and our children were not idealistic at all when it came to repeating the South Dakota scenario.

We moved on and enjoyed the stunning scenery for the rest of the afternoon. There was a funny moment when we read about the French explorers who named the Tetons. I didn't do my homework on that one, I must admit. I'm sure our friends in France can appreciate the humor there.

Our plans to do any hiking were halted by signs like these that mirrored those we had seen in Yellowstone.

We stopped briefly in Jackson Hole and witnessed once again the abrupt shift in the weather that we have experienced in our time here. Black clouds rolled in from seemingly nowhere. Dazzling lightning bolts streaked out of the sky time and time again. Ultimately, the skies opened and rain poured and poured and poured. My papa would call that kind of storm a "real gully washer." That it was.

We ducked into a store for shelter, and all I could think was how thankful I was that we were not in a tent in GTNP. Praise the Lord.

We drove a bit farther into Wyoming, met a sweet biker couple who steered us toward a small town where we could find a nice place to stay, and spent a restful night warm and dry in a delightful little hotel with an indoor pool and a hot breakfast the next morning.

God is good.

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