Friday, June 12, 2009

Back on the Grid

Greetings from Montana! We arrived this afternoon from a few days of camping in the South Dakota wilderness where the high temps were in the 40's, and it rained every single day. We awoke to an eerie phenomenon this morning, sunlight filtering through our tent. It had been so long, we weren't quite certain what we were seeing. This strange turn of events allowed us to break camp and get on our way to more adventure.

Thankfully our guys are honor graduates of the Mr. Mike School of Tent Camping, so after four days of almost constant rain, we were dry and happy inside our little tent. We learned a bit about camping in the cold, however. Even my husband, hater of all things polar fleece, was snuggling down inside a sleeping bag liner. Brr...

Custer State Park is absolutely beautiful and teeming with wildlife. This big guy and one of his buddies were just grazing along the side of the road. We were repeatedly warned that "Buffalo are dangerous. Do not approach." We did not approach. We just drove by slowly. We saw countless deer, pronghorns, prairie dogs, buffalo, as well as the odd mountain goat and bighorn sheep.

We were inspired by our visit to Mount Rushmore, but we did get a little silly with the photos. No promises that you won't find your own face on a tweeked version in the near future.

We also visited Wind Cave National Park and toured a portion of the cave where we saw frostwork, popcorn, and boxwork formations.

Our visit to the Black Hills was completed with a stop at Crazy Horse Mountain to view this carving which has been in process for over 50 years. The size is immense. The entire carving of Mount Rushmore could fit on the part of the mountain directly behind Crazy Horse's face. Yes, that little area to which the scale model of Crazy Horse seems to be pointing in the photo below. What a great reminder to all of us to dream big dreams.

Tomorrow we head on over to Big Sky where we will be staying for the next week. Hopefully we will have lots more fun to share. For now, we're just happy to have real beds, a nice, clean real bathroom, and a climate-controlled dwelling. Ahh...the joys of civilization.

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