Monday, June 15, 2009

Another Walk in the Park

This morning we headed back into Yellowstone National Park for another day of sightseeing. The curvy mountain roads leading to Tower Falls took us by banks of snow, and we watched the temperature steadily drop into the 30's.

We even stopped to make a couple of snowballs because, you know, boys will be boys.

The falls were spectacular and just the perfect treat for us waterfall junkies.

We continued to travel northward once we left the falls and were met by this bighorn sheep walking down the road toward us. We just stopped and let him browse around a bit.

This sighting was a real treat as there are only about 200 bighorn sheep in YNP today. Seeing one is pretty rare, so we felt privileged. Just a short way up the road we pulled over and were able to watch four females and two young across the canyon. Amazing!

The elk sightings have been pretty exciting as well. How about the photo below for all of you deer hunters? These guys were just taking it easy this afternoon.

We looped around by Mammoth Hot Springs for a closer look at the lower terrace and then headed back through West Yellowstone toward Big Sky and our yummy supper. We just need a little time to recharge for tomorrow.

Old Faithful, here we come.

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