Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Newest Addition

Please enjoy this guest post from my younger son regarding his new friend, Velvet, who came to live on the farm last week.

Like all stories I guess I should start at the beginning.

Last Tuesday or April 14, 2009, my brother and I were watching Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, the final edition in J.R.R. Tolkien's trilogy. We had just gotten to the part of the movie where Samwise Gamgee made his "I can carry you!" speech. It was about five o'clock, so my father came home. He told my brother and me that there was a stray dog that showed up on my great-grandfather's front porch last night.

Well, my grandfather didn't feed the dog all that day and night. After the movie ended, I went out to get his mail for him. (Our great-grandfather and grandfather live on the same driveway as we do). When I walked onto his front porch I saw Velvet-- otherwise known by my great- grandfather as "that dog"-- was in a rocking chair. She was as skinny as a rail. I pretty much took the dog right away. I went inside to my great-grandfather and asked him some questions. The dog didn't have a collar.

I went back outside. She had sat right down on the porch at the door. When she saw me she wagged her tale and begged for attention. Of course, I scratched her behind the ears. Off I went back home, and of course the dog followed me.

Now, what I did next was not right but crucial to the story, so let's get it over with. I fed her. In my defense I didn't know it was not smart, but I should have asked first. She gobbled it up so fast. I blinked and it was gone. I gave her some water and went into the garage. She followed. I sat in the floor of the garage, and she sat next to me. Anyone would have melted down on those brown eyes. I named her. Now, I hadn't looked to see what gender she was yet so I named her a boy's name: Blake. Now, if she had turned out to stay a boy she would still have that name.

Dad came out in the garage to work on something and saw her. I told him I had fed the dog. He told me that now she would stay here and not go off. He told me we would take her to the vet and they could feed her. I was sad, but at least she wouldn't starve!

I went outside and saw my grandmother looking out at our garden. I walked up to her. She told me that if you feed a dog you aren't supposed to take him to the vet. Secretly I was happy. We didn't know what to do. Mom wasn't home at the time so we couldn't really decide.

I'm sure you know that we have another dog named Copper. Well, my grandmother found a doggy bed at Tractor Supply that was on sale. She bought it for Copper. Copper didn't like it. It was on my great grandfather's porch, so I went and got it. I put her out some water, the bed, and a towel to kind of nuzzle into.

Mom came home. She saw the dog and kind of liked it. She talked to Dad some. At bedtime we were coming up with names. (We had found out she was a girl.) We thought of Jade, Onyx, Midnight, Daran, Peanut (Mom's idea), Alex, and finally Velvet.

We met the next morning and decided Velvet because of how her ears felt. I liked it. I had now moved her onto the front porch so she could have more shade. Now remember she had showed up on a Tuesday. If someone had lost her, (which was unlikely because she had no collar) we would give them until Tuesday to claim her back. This was Thursday.

On Friday my sister and I went to PetSense, a store close to our house for pets. Even though we might not keep her, she needed puppy chow, a collar, identification tag, and a water and food bowl (I also threw in a rubber chicken and some doggy treats), oh, don't forget a leash!

She liked the chicken!

Tuesday came! No one had claimed her so she was now owned by none other than ME! It's now Wednesday and Velvet is, as we speak, asleep on the front porch. We've doubled in dog population!