Friday, March 6, 2009

Makes Me Happy

I walked into our living room this afternoon and was greeted by this lovely scene. What a joy to see our children grabbing a few quiet moments to read a good book!

My husband and I are both avid readers, and we have earnestly attempted to foster a love for the written word in each of our children. It's moments like these that make me realize we have succeeded! By the way, our other son was working diligently in another room. He is also a voracious reader.

We have spent countless hours reading aloud to our children through the years. Our most extravagant spending on "toys" has undoubtedly been on books. Some of my most favorite memories from when the kids were small involve us all piled on a sofa with a quilt and a stack of picture books. Teaching them to read has honestly been one of the highlights of parenting for me.

I was privileged to hear Jim Trelease speak when our daughter was just on the cusp of learning to read, and I was encouraged to pursue reading aloud to them on a much higher level. As a result, we have enjoyed many, many books together as a family.

The Trelease on Reading website has tons of information on reading aloud to your children. His most well-known book, The Read-Aloud Handbook, is a valuable resource for choosing books to share with your family. I highly recommend it, especially since Mr. Trelease retired from his excellent, inspiring speaking tours last year.

Reading aloud to your children is a definite investment of time and energy, but the returns are out of this world. Start investing today!

Check back tomorrow for a list of our family's favorite read-alouds.

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