Sunday, February 8, 2009

Room To Grow

These happy little plants were glad to move into their new homes yesterday. Fresh potting soil and larger pots made for excellent new "digs." I left them on the steps to enjoy the afternoon sunshine of an incredibly fabulous February day. I'm almost certain I heard them sigh.

The one in the middle is a pineapple plant from our Hawaii visit in September. I brought the top home in my suitcase, and we were able to root it in a glass of water. Although I have no illusions that we will ever see any fruit, it's still nice to have a little piece of the islands here.

I've been feeling that need to stretch and grow a little bit myself. I'm not sure how to describe it, but there is a definite restlessness, a longing for something new and different. These feelings can be very positive, the catalyst to inspire us to reach outside ourselves for new experiences. They can also breed discontentment and bitterness if we allow them to confine us.

I often struggle through the month of February. Knowing that tendency, I can recognize the signs and realize that the mood will pass. I look around and see so very many things for which I am thankful. My family, my home, my friends, and the wonder of the world around us cause me to be overwhelmed with the love of God and His blessings.

Counting them seems to calm my spirit and bring peace to my soul. I realize, too, that things are always changing. The beautiful warmth and sunshine of this weekend loudly declare that winter's grip does not last forever.

Ahh, the promise of spring. It will come.

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