Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Music In Me

A couple of years ago our daughter and younger son splurged on iPods with some of their hard-saved money, a nano for her and a classic for him. Our older son rolled his eyes at their wasteful spending and declared that his CD player was more than adequate.

Time went by, and last year for Mother's Day I received a nano with video from my sweet husband who loves electronics slightly less than he loves me. The plan was that I could download all of the podcasts for my favorite radio programs and listen at my convenience. It was a good plan. Unfortunately I am not very good about transferring the podcasts to my iPod every day, so they just keep piling up in iTunes until I know I can never catch up. I am much more a "leave it in the dock" kind of girl.

This year said husband finally purchased his own iPod, the mega version which will hold 30,000 songs or something similarly nutty. He consequently spent a couple of weekends putting every CD we own onto the computer so that the songs could be converted to mp3 format and transferred to his iPod. It was somewhat of an obsession. We have collected a lot of CDs in the last 20 years.

Amazingly, our thrifty older son succumbed to the pressure and shucked out the big bucks for a model just like Daddy. He is a huge fan of soundtrack music, songs from Ironman, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings kinds of films. He also loaded up all of his parents' music because, well, because he could.

So, now we are officially a 5-iPod family. Dock number five just arrived as well, which illustrates the inanity of this whole phenomenon. We spend hundreds of dollars purchasing these gadgets in which we store all of our music. Then we spend even more money on more gadgets to release the music from the original gadgets.

Materialism is a nasty bug which bites us all from time to time. Having said that, it's been really nice to have all of that music on one very small device. Even though I've mocked my cute husband and his preoccupation with The Great CD Transfer of '09, it has been a lot of fun to hear these songs we've had tucked away for years and years.

Ironically, as we were talking about these classic songs the other night, we both commented on one by Charlie Peacock, "One Man Gets Around." It's originally from the album, Everything That's On My Mind, but apparently Charlie has a greatest hits album, In the Light: The Very Best of Charlie Peacock.

It's crazy how a few simple bars of a song can transport us through time and space to poignant moments in the past. That's just the way it is.

"It's amazing, so amazing. It's amazing how one man gets around."

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