Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday

This time of year is when I really enjoy candles. Dark comes so much earlier that eating by candlelight is always an option. A scented candle gives a room such a homey feeling with its fragrance and soft light.

Some time ago I shared an idea for cleaning melted wax out of votive candle holders. Simply put the holders into the freezer for a few minutes. Take them out and use a butter knife or similar object to pop the wax right out. It works wonderfully.

I also like to put seasonally appropriate objects in the bottoms of my votive holders. Right now there are popcorn kernels in the holders of our harvest tablescape. I sometimes use small stones or glass beads. Just choose non-flammable items, please! This tactic also makes clean-up much easier as the wax will often pop right out since the objects prevent it from adhering to the candle holder.

Another idea I recently discovered is to put one-half inch of water into the votive cups before lighting the candles. The water will do the same thing as it keeps the wax from sticking to the holder and eliminates the need for clean-up.

Enjoy the season and your candlelit evenings!

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Carey said...

I love the idea of using popcorn kernels! They would look wonderful with my centerpiece candles for Thanksgiving dinner! I'm going to have to use that idea... thank you!

Anonymous said...

Great tips, thanks! I really like the popcorn kernel idea - I'll give it a try ASAP!

Amanda said...

Love the popcorn kernal idea! I just saw a candle holder filled with peppermints for Christmas.

Cyndy said...

What wonderful ideas! Now if I can just consider my former fire fighter husband that a candle in a glass jar is fairly safe!

Thanks for stopping by my little blog, let me know how you like the dishwasher detergent recipe!

Debbie said...

I hadn't ever thought of putting seasonal items in there. Great tip.