Saturday, November 15, 2008

Counting Blessings

I've been eagerly anticipating our Christmas visit with my sister and her family for several weeks now. They are due to arrive on Christmas Eve and will be with us until New Year's Eve. We will get to celebrate Christmas and my youngest nephew's first birthday while they are here. Hooray!

Just a few days ago I learned that they would be zipping in for a fast stopover this weekend. The occasion was a somber one, a death in my brother-in-law's family, but we were thrilled to be available to babysit. I had a very sweet call from Speedy Boy requesting a sleepover on Friday night, and we just loved having him here.

We spent our Saturday watching the boys with Grandma while Mom and Dad attended the funeral and spent time with family. It was such a sweet time, totally unexpected and unplanned. I loved every minute.

Even though the visit was way too short, we can let them go in the morning because we know they will soon return for the Christmas visit we've been planning. This one was a bonus, and I'm counting it as my first Thanksgiving blessing.

I'm also thinking that there are probably a lot of other things in my life that are unexpected and unplanned which could be considered surprises as well. Somehow a suprise has a more pleasant connotation for me than an unplanned event.

All too often I find myself saying no to things just because the spur-of-the-moment nature of the request makes me uncomfortable. I really need to know what's on the schedule. It's my personality. It's the way God made me. It may also keep me from enjoying potentially fantastic opportunities.

It may be in my head, but if I think in these terms I can maintain a bit more of a positive attitude. Perhaps I'll be able to find joy in these surprises as I found joy in this weekend. Who knows? I might have even more blessings to count.

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