Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Birthday Boy

Today we celebrate the incredible life of our own personal superhero. When it comes to packing a bazillion books, he is faster than a speeding bullet. When there are pickle jars to open or wood to cut, he is definitely more powerful than a locomotive.

After all, just how many men are able to repair a toilet in a single lunch hour?

He is a multi-faceted guy with an intriguing personality and quick wit. His humor is, umm... legendary. A full-time job keeps him busy, but he also manages to run our home business, disciple our family, do work on the farm, and encourage us all. This birthday cake symbolizes his passionate love of music and exceptional talent in that area.

Our celebration indicates our passionate love for him. You are a phenomenon, Kev! Happy, happy birthday! Superman's got nothing on you, Babe!

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