Sunday, October 26, 2008

Stick 'Em Up

Heather Bailey has an inspring blog which features many of her fabric designs and creative ideas. I made one of her headbands a while back and have enjoyed it immensely.

She has also graciously provided the pattern and instructions for this delightful little pincushion. I printed it out a couple of weeks ago with plans to crank out a couple when I had a spare minute.

Choosing coordinating fabrics, ribbon, and buttons is truly half the fun. This little project came together quickly, although the ribbon tufting can be surprisingly tricky.

This one is a gift for a sweet young lady who was not feeling up to the paintball escapade we hosted at our home yesterday. After all, if you can't run around in a field with people shooting at you all morning, working on a project with a cute pincushion is a nice alternative.

You were missed, Bethany!

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