Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Little Polynesia

This fabric was my favorite of the stash I hauled home from Hawaii. (My bag tipped the scale at 50.0 lbs., exactly the weight limit.) I just loved the border print and couldn't wait to make it into a skirt, so I took some time out from quilting to get it done. There's a little left over, so I get to plan another project. Hmm...

The good news about the quilt is that we have our living room back as of yesterday afternoon when we took that baby out of the frame. Oh, it is so wonderful to have things back to normal in that room. My family was so sweet about having to lie under the quilt or peer over it during family devotions or watching TV. Having a tent or a fort in the living room is less of a novelty to them these days.

My fingers sighed a desperate, "Thank you," with the end of the quilting phase. Although I have no feeling in two of them, at least they will have an opportunity to heal.

Now I'm hemming the edges, and then we will be one step closer to a new bedroom. Pillow shams are forthcoming. I promise a photo of the finished product.

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