Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Birthday Party

The food,

the favors,

the friends,

and the fun

all added up to a wonderful birthday afternoon.

It was so much fun to host a birthday party for my precious grandmother. Several friends from her Sunday School class and her craft group joined us yesterday afternoon for a time of celebration.

They brought sweet gifts of homemade jellies and crocheted goodies, flowers, sweet smelling stuff, and other things to pamper a special lady. We enjoyed refreshments and even a silly TV commercial jingle game complete with prizes for the best and worst scores.

After everyone had gone home, Grannie told me that she'd never had a birthday party before. I was amazed, but I think it was about time. We'll definitely have to do it again next year.

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kekkey said...

thanks for posting some photos. it looks like so much fun!