Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Paradise, Day Six

Now, this is the real thing. We stopped into Matsumoto's in Hala'iwa for authentic Hawaiian Shave Ice yesterday afternoon. Yum, yum, yum!

Everybody loved it, and we had fun just sitting outside on the benches, savoring our afternoon treat, and sampling everyone else's. They all chose one flavor selections, pineapple, cherry, root beer, tangerine, strawberry cream, and lime. I ordered the Matsumoto (why not?) which said it was coconut, lemon, and pineapple. I had no idea it would be so pretty! It was a great way to top off an already fabulous day. I wonder where my Snoopy Snow Cone Maker is. Hmm...

We started out the day at the Dole Plantation where we saw a neat demonstration on how to properly cut and serve a pineapple. We saw many different varieties of pineapple growing, and no it's not on a tree.

They plant over 28,000 pineapple plants in an acre. Nobody tell Granddaddy about that or we'll be plowing up an acre of Rockmore Farm to give it a try. They are planted and picked by hand, and yes, they are delicious. Most of the group decided to plunge into the pineapple garden maze, the world's largest in 2001. They had a great time searching for the eight checkpoints for a little over an hour.

Our young travel agent had also planned stops at Shark's Cove and Turtle Beach, so we got a little snorkeling in as well. Those figures in the water are our fearless explorers. They saw some huge fish and one sea turtle.

The stop at Turtle Beach was a good plan as we saw six or more Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles. They are truly wonderful creatures.

On the way home, we saw this beautiful rainbow, our first for this trip.

All in all, another delightful day.

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