Thursday, September 25, 2008

Paradise, Day Seven

We were on the trail at Diamond Head by 7 a.m. this morning. The weather was absolutely perfect for a hike, and we were ready for more exploring.

We headed on up the coast, stopping at several scenic spots along the way. Our travel guides had it all under control, and we were happy to follow wherever they led.

The first stop was this scenic lookout near Hanauma Bay. The water was that gorgeous aquamarine, and there is much talk of returning to this spot for what is considered to be the best snorkeling in the state of Hawaii.

Next, we stopped at the Halewana Blowhole to see if we might be lucky enough to catch it spouting. The surf was just right, and we saw several eruptions here.

Back in La'ie, we headed for the point to see this fascinating arch formation which was made in one day when a tsunami hit the island.

Maybe it doesn't take millions of years, eh?

After our stop at La'ie Point, we headed back to the Polynesian Cultural Center to finish exploring all of the exhibits that we missed on Monday. It was another enjoyable afternoon, and we headed back home.

Amazingly, we ended up at Matsumoto's again. How convenient is that?

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