Friday, September 19, 2008

Paradise, Day One

We're here! Our day of travel began when we crawled out of bed around 4:30 a.m. to get ready to head to the airport to catch an 8:30 flight. Thankfully everything went smoothly, and we made our way to Salt Lake City where we had just enough time to grab a bite for lunch before the final leg of the journey. Anticipation was building, and we were all ready to arrive.

Everyone passed the time on the plane reading, doing puzzles, embroidering, and eating. Our boys apparently made a friend of one stewardess who loaded them up with extra goodies.

There were some amazing views from the plane as we flew across the country. Yes, Daddy, we saw these snow-capped mountains and thought of you!

It was also really neat to see the shadows of puffy little clouds on the surface of the ocean. Water, water everywhere.

There were wonderful views of the Big Island of Hawaii and Maui as we flew toward Oahu. The volcanoes on the Big Island are easy to recognize as their dark shapes rise out of the landscape. Can you see them near the horizon in this photo?

Our first views of Oahu were very exciting. Everyone commented on the beautiful water. Snorkeling, here we come! Waikiki was easy to spot by all the high rises and congestion. *sigh* Oh, well, I guess there are small snags even in paradise.

We checked into our hotel and found our room to be huge. It even has an extra daybed, so everyone has a place to lay his or her head. We had a good time comparing the size of this one to the one we had in Kitty Hawk last summer, but that is another story.

We rested a little, then headed out to find some dinner and check out the area. I explored the International Marketplace for a little while and met some very sweet local ladies who desperately wanted to sell me their wares. We were intrigued by the metallic gold and silver living mannequins on the street who would dance for a donation. Hmm...

We headed back to the room about 8 p.m. because we were all beat. It was 2 a.m. to us as we hadn't yet acclimated to this island time. That is also the reason why I am here at 6 a.m. blogging and waiting for the day to begin.

It's time for a new adventure. We're off!


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