Saturday, September 27, 2008

Paradise, Day Nine

We packed as much fun into this day as we possibly could. First stop was Hanauma Bay for what is reported to be the best snorkeling in Hawaii. We saw beautiful fish and tons of coral. Kevin and Perry even had a close encounter with a moray eel. However, we all agreed that this spot did not compare to Kealakekua Bay on the Big Island of Hawaii. Still it was a great experience and one we're so glad we had.

Our next spot was one we'd read about in our trusty guidebook. We followed the very detailed but sometimes odd directions to find the Spitting Cave. Taking many turns through a residential area, we followed the street until it ended and found an almost hidden public access trail which led to cliffs overhanging the ocean. The view was incredible, and as described we could hear the rumble of the cave spitting. Surf fills the cave until it is eventually spewed out in a shower of spray and foam.

As we took a few minutes to enjoy the beautiful scenery, we happened to see a pod of dolphins coming into view. They were really moving, but we were able to watch them for several minutes as they swam in front of us. There was a baby dolphin that delighted us all with playful leaps as he swam among the larger ones.

We also got to see three seals as they floated in the water below us. It was truly an amazing place, one of those unknown gems we happened to find. There was a lot for sale at the top of the cliffs. We jokingly studied the realty sign. What a bargain at only $3,475,000.00 for the lot. What are we waiting for?

After a quick lunch and another stop at Kailua Beach, we headed out to Goat Island. Mara had been wanting to visit this beach the entire time we've been here. The draw is the island just 720 feet offshore. The guidebook said it was possible to swim/walk out to the island, and our adventurers could not wait to try.

This beach is on the North Shore, so the surf was pretty strong here . Our brave ones pushed on through and explored the island, which is mostly a bird sanctuary, for a while. When they returned it was time to head back to Honolulu and start packing up our belongings.

We will be checking out in the morning and spending the day doing anything we've missed before our flight out tomorrow night. I have a feeling we'll be in some restaurant around 1:45 p.m. trying to catch a bit of some college football game. Go Dawgs!

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