Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Forty Love

Forty days and forty nights
The rains fell on the land.
For forty years, God’s people
Were wandering in the sand.

For forty years King David
He reigned as Israel’s king.
And then his son Solomon,
Forty years rule did bring.

Jesus fasted in the wild
For forty nights and days.
Scripture verses on His lips
Showed us His holy ways.

Forty days Jesus appeared
When He rose from the dead.
He rose to heaven and will
Return just as He said.

Another forty today
Is special in its way.
My forty love is having
A special happy day.

My wife, my love, and my friend,
I love you more and more.
Each day we have together
And for those yet in store.

I wish you happy birthday.
You’re a gift from above.
I’m very glad to spend my
Life with my forty love.


Happy Birthday, Wendy. Now you know why I am an accountant instead of a poet. I love you and hope to spend the next forty and the next forty by your side.

Always love me. Never leave me now. Now you are the other side of me.


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