Monday, September 8, 2008

My Big Sister

40 Things That I Love About My Big Sister
  1. She can make something out of nothing. (See #11, 26 and 29)
  2. She loves old things.
  3. She is the best Aunt Winnie ever.
  4. She spells Winnie, Oui Oui.
  5. She loves to sew.
  6. She’s a great scrapbooker.
  7. She doesn’t waste anything.
  8. She loves being a mom.
  9. She loves the Lord with all her heart.
  10. She makes the best biscuits ever.
  11. She gives awesome homemade gifts.
  12. She appreciates the lost art of writing notes.
  13. She can do 27 things at once.
  14. She is an extremely talented homemaker.
  15. She’s not afraid to put color on the wall.
  16. She loves babies.
  17. She uses hot rollers in her hair.
  18. She answers the phone when I call really early or really late.
  19. She let Mara get a dog.
  20. She can make a cape.
  21. She knows how to hack into my Snapfish account.
  22. She throws the best parties.
  23. She did pizza night for a WHOLE YEAR!
  24. She drove 500 miles, all by herself, just for me. (And Charlie, see #16)
  25. She loves my boys.
  26. She can make pizza out of hamburger buns.
  27. She can stretch a dollar for a mile.
  28. She loves to read.
  29. She can find a treasure at the thrift store.
  30. She’s always 10 years older than me.
  31. She sends great packages in the mail.
  32. She likes to dress up.
  33. She always encourages me to be my best.
  34. She is a proud American.
  35. She is a devoted wife.
  36. She gave me a middle name that I love.
  37. She laughs when I say that I am the younger, but wiser sister.
  38. She knows how to dry apples, can salsa, and bake bread.
  39. She loves to minimize and organize.
  40. She loves me.
Happy Birthday Wendy. I love you!

*Maybe when you are 100 (and I'm only 90), I'll be able to write an all inclusive list. 40 just isn't enough!

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Wendy said...

You are way too good to me, Sis! Thank you for making me sound so lovely and not writing a list of 40 things I do that make you crazy. That one certainly wouldn't be all-inclusive! I love you. You are my favorite sister!