Tuesday, September 9, 2008

40 Memories

By Kevin

  1. June 24, 1989 Making the commitment before our family and friends that I made in my heart long before.
  2. June 22, 1985 Peking, Gold Duster and the beginning of a journey that still thrills me to the core.
  3. July 25,1985 Skating rink, class ring and going steady.
  4. November 26, 1990 Laughing, crying, "It's a girl" and "Well, it's happened".
  5. September 10, 1992 Coming home from Charlotte and spending the last part of your birthday with you.
  6. June 7, 1993 Riding to Jefferson to drop big sister off, "It's a boy", and Chick-fil-A.
  7. March 9, 1997 Leaving on a business trip to Tampa with a little skepticism.
  8. March 11, 1997 "Come home if you can", 2am, Tampa airport, rush hour Atlanta traffic, "It's a boy" and functioning kidneys.
  9. Horace Minish
  10. April 1987 Selling stock to buy an engagement ring (OK ... livestock)
  11. February 1990 Ants and pillowed paddles
  12. June 24, 1989 Tanglewood, Cabin 41
  13. March 2004 Smith Creek trail and Anna Ruby Falls
  14. August 2006 Luau, pineapple, green sand, waterfalls, lava, me & you in paradise
  15. February 2005 Dead Sea Scrolls, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel, snorkelling, and having you all to myself for 5 wonderful days.
  16. October 2004 The Painted Desert, Grand Canyon, San Diego, Mexico, Yuma, and five people in a Pontiac Grand Prix
  17. Winter 1999 Momence, Reno, Reno, and did I mention Reno. Shopping on Amazon and missing you and the kids terribly.
  18. May 1991 A carriage house, Mrs. Wilkes' Boarding House, and our first vacation since the honeymoon.
  19. September 2001 Orlando as deserted as I can remember. Epcot, Magic Kingdom, the Flying Unicorn, Spiderman, and seeing the space shuttle take-off.
  20. Sept or Oct 1992 Orlando, Calvary Chapel, Mickey's Town.
  21. June 1997 St George Island - our first trip of many.
  22. June 2008 St George Island, Crow's Nest, Stars, Swimming Pools, Speedy Boy and Winks.
  23. January 1994 Ft. Worth, Cracker Barrel, Lousiana roads, sub-freezing temperatures, and a plane ride home.
  24. June 1998 Anchorage, Alaska, Moose on the AFB, DeWayne and Dawn, Motor homes with 2 bedrooms, basements and more snow than I've ever seen.
  25. School year 2005-06 AYUSA, Usatip Kidhen, BCHS, family.
  26. June 2006 Alpine Bay, DeSoto Caverns, potty racers, cave crawl, and togetherness.
  27. 1989 Fry Daddy, French Fries, "Twin Peaks" and next-door missionaries.
  28. August 1991 Niagra Falls, Maid of the Mist, Karaoke, Mike and Susy, Washington DC, and rain
  29. February 24, 1992 Changing jobs with the support of a wife who always makes me feel like I can accomplish anything.
  30. Tax season 1992 Little legs running to take kisses to Daddy and take more kisses back to Mommy.
  31. January 2005 Tests, probes and surgery. And thinking how blessed I am to have you.
  32. September 2006 Leaving, following God and peace during hard times with you by my side.
  33. October 2006 Beginning the process of building a house, Mr. Gib, and answered prayer.
  34. May 18, 2007 Moving day. Darbyshires, Herrings, Dooleys, family. Starting life in a new home and the beginnings of finding another new home.
  35. August 7-9, 2008 Rock climbing, rappelling, waterfalls, cooking over a campfire, and "I'd be dead without you."
  36. July 2008 Dollywood, Cade's Cove, Abram's Falls, Grotto Falls, scrapbooking stores, and vacation with my 4 favorite people.
  37. 1985-1989 Falling in love with the most beautiful woman I've ever known. Waiting to make her my wife and thinking those 4 years were never going to pass.
  38. 1989-1997 Continuing to fall in love with you, newlyweds to parents, seeing our three children born, learning with you how to train-up children, pre-school teacher, tax seasons, B&T, our first minivan, Barney, and a home-made swing set.
  39. 1998-2003 Still head over heels in love with you, homeschooling, the Ernie game, additions to the house, another minivan, daffodils, azaleas, wood heater, and a new millenium.
  40. 2004-2008 Loving you more each year, moving day, gardens, apples, tomatoes, CLEPs (hooray they passed), Amazon.com, Sienna, did I mention apples and tomatoes, rice cookers, grain mills, Racetrac, Sarah Groves, "The Other Side of Me", and a wife that grows more precious to me each day.

I love you, Wendy.

I can see God in you, in the little things you do.
A tender touch, a smiling face reminds me of His grace.
I can see God in you in everything you do.
Everyday His love shines through.
A love that's pure; a love that's true.
Your life helps others see our God in you.

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Wendy said...

How blessed I am to have shared such wonderful memories with you! Thanks for making every day memorable. I love you forever.