Thursday, August 14, 2008


Just the other day, my husband and I were talking about how God brings people into our lives who bless us in incredible ways. The timing is always perfect, and the benefits are easily determined.

We lost one of those special people last weekend. A dear friend unexpectedly died early Saturday morning. Strangely, there is no explanation from the medical experts. Apparently, there was no way to know and no way to prevent or stop her death.

That is a hard reality. We have technology and knowledge in these days to accomplish most anything, but we cannot sustain life when God decrees otherwise.


We have a choice in situations like these. Our hearts can become hardened by the idea that God is an unfeeling tyrant, or we can choose to trust His perfect will.

I choose the latter.

I will thank Him for the times we had with our friend. She enriched my life in many ways. I told her again and again how much she inspired me. She showed great strength in times of much adversity. I know that God allowed us to be friends because He knew I needed her example. She was an incredible lady, and yes, I was blessed to know her.

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