Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Sweet Deal

Here's my best kids' clothing shopping tip. Are you ready?

Shop at Sears and use their KidVantage Club program. All kids' clothes purchased at Sears are automatically covered by KidVantage if you register with them. What does this mean? If the clothes don't hold up to the wear and tear of your precious little ones, you can return them for replacement items. In addition, for every $100 you spend, Sears will issue you a 15% off coupon for a future purchase. The KidVantage Club keeps track of these purchases, and the total accumulates over time.

We have benefited from KidVantage many, many times. Blue jeans have been the gold mine for us at Sears. My boys have always managed to get holes in the knees of their jeans. We take them back to Sears and **ta da** new jeans! Canyon River Blues jeans for boys routinely go on sale for $9.99 a pair. I once got seven (yes, seven) pairs of jeans from the purchase of one. Clearance items also qualify. That makes for an even sweeter deal.

Here are the details. You must exchange the item for one of the same size. If you purchase Sears only brands, no receipt is necessary; but if you buy name brand items which are also sold in other stores, be sure to save your receipt. You will need it to show that you purchased the items at Sears.

Happy shopping.

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