Saturday, July 12, 2008

Psalm 23

The post below was written about this time last year. As I read through these words, I am thankful to be in somewhat of a different place, in a bit calmer mindset today. Nonetheless, it is such an encouragement to me to be able to look back and see specific ways in which God has worked in my life.

He is so faithful!

If you are facing turbulent times today, may His peace overwhelm you. If you are resting in the quiet, may you recognize the tremendous blessing and cherish the moment.

August 9, 2007

In Lisa Whelchel's book, Speaking Mom-ese: Moments of Peace & Inspiration in the Mother Tongue, she relates a suggestion from T. W. Hunt to personalize Psalm 23 as an exercise to reflect on our individual relationships with God.

Depending on the situation in which we currently find ourselves, the version may change. God is always the same, but we tend to identify with different aspects of His character at different times in our lives.

With the new school year approaching and much looming on the horizon, I penned the following yesterday.

The Lord is my sustainer, I will not faint.
He makes me slow down and rest.
He gives me a reason to keep going.
He comforts my heart.
He shows me what I need to do to serve Him.
Even though my life is filled with drama, I will not be overcome, for you are right here beside me.
Your strength and power bring me great comfort.
You richly bless me in many ways, while trouble swirls around me.
You bring peaceful thoughts into my mind, I am overwhelmed by Your love.
Every day of my life Your blessings surround me, and one day we'll rock together on your front porch.

How do you relate to God today? He meets all of our needs, and I'm sure He loves it when we acknowledge that to Him.

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