Monday, July 14, 2008

Home Alone

This post was originally from April of this year. I've added it here again today because I wanted to include the brilliant and insightful comment my dear, sweet, younger sister wrote at that time. So true.

The house is eerily quiet this morning since all of my family members are out and about, and I am all by myself. My husband is working hard to provide for his family, and my children are out for the day with friends making a movie. It was so hard to let them drive out this morning. They are so independent. It's like they hardly need me anymore. They once depended on me for everything. When did all of that change?

I keep reminding myself to "Be anxious for nothing," but it is a continual struggle. My God is faithful, so I know He will give me the strength I need every day to adapt to these changing responsibilities. I am just feeling my way in the dark. I have to trust in Him.

It is a strange feeling to be here with a whole day stretched out before me. What should I do with this time? I have a feeling there is something better to be done than sitting here at the computer, so I'm off to see what I can find.

Have a blessed day!

Opposite Ends of the Spectrum by my extremely wise sister

When we were in Hawaii, we spent some time at a beach up on the North Shore. Chris took Vick out to wade in the water while I nursed Sonny.

A little down the beach from us was a family of 5. Mom sat on the beach reading a book, while her teenage daughter read a magazine. Dad and the two boys were out in the water. I couldn't help but look at her and envy her freedom--her children all go to the potty and feed themselves.

"I wish my kids were big," I thought.

When her family went to leave, they walked by us on the beach. I saw her look longingly at my sleeping baby and my 3 year old buried in the sand.

She was thinking, "I wish my kids were little."

So here we are, my sister, at opposite ends of the spectrum. I have 3 children that need me for everything. You have three that are preparing to leave the nest. I wonder what we can learn from each other? Lots, I'm sure!

I love you--see you soon!

PS--In the peace and quiet, you could call your favorite sister!

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