Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Little More Graffiti

A couple of graffitiCHIC projects have sneaked into our home in the last couple of weeks. Such fun!

Return with Honor. This is the one I've wanted since I first saw the graffitiCHIC catalog. This door goes out to the garage, so my teenagers (and the rest of us) see it as they leave home. I pray it sticks in our brains and we all strive to do just that.

This next one is a fun treat for our daughter. We finally got some color on the walls of her room and added these words from one of her favorite Barlow Girl songs.

In this instance, we put the graffiti on a board so that it is movable. I really like this option. It would be great for rooms that are due for a new paint job fairly soon or for temporary living spaces.

Two more projects to go...stay tuned!

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