Friday, May 30, 2008


It is official. Our family has lost its collective mind.

By in large, we are not animal people. I admit that I have never truly been an animal lover. I did have one dog growing up. I named him Poncho after Erik Estrada's character, Frank Poncherelli, on the TV show, CHiPs. I know, I know. I was about nine years old. Give me a break.

Poncho followed me everywhere, and I had to sneak off anytime I wanted to go somewhere without him. If he went with me to tennis lessons, he was not content to sit outside the fence beside my bike. He would dig under the fence to get inside the court with me. My instructor was a tad bit frustrated since it is rather difficult to play tennis with a dog running around the court. I remember one time I was in a store, and I turned around to find Poncho right behind me. Crazy dog, but that is loyalty for you.

We got a kitten for our daughter when I was pregnant with our second child. She named her Kitty Girl, which was actually a pretty appropriate name for our little two-year-old to contrive. Kitty Girl met an untimely end, however, and we never returned to the world of pet ownership.

For our daughter's graduation, a sweet family from church gave her a beagle puppy. We had been hearing about these beagle puppies for weeks, so it was an especially wonderful surprise. Her joy and excitement over such a special gift was easily foreseen.

The unexpected result, though, has been how the rest of the family has reacted. It took about half a day for us all to fall in love with this animal. Our younger son, who has been much less of a dog-lover than his mom, has enjoyed playing with this puppy so much!

My nephews are here for a visit, and the two older ones can't wait to play with Copper. The almost-two-year-old is a riot as he runs alternately toward and away from the puppy saying either, "Dog!" or "Go away, Dog!"

Although I promise to never buy a doggy sweater or other ridiculous pet paraphernalia, I must acknowledge that we are considering making a cape so that Copper can have a cameo as Speedy Dog in an upcoming episode of Speedy Boy.

See, I told you. Lost, completely and totally.

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