Thursday, April 24, 2008


I am such a nut for words. I have always loved the display of favorite scripture verses and even pithy sayings.

My sweet sister told me about this great idea from two savvy ladies with a flair for personalized decorating. She picked up a little project from the graffitiCHIC gals for me to try, and I have to tell you, I am hooked!

My package was a roll of brown paper which contained a short and simple list of instructions, an "application tool", and my sheet of graffiti. Just a few minutes later, I had my graffiti on my kitchen cabinets above the sink.

It was so perfect and so easy. The graffiti is actually vinyl letters cut and applied to a sticky paper much like contact paper. The letters themselves are very similar to contact paper. The whole paper goes up on the wall or other surface, and you use the application tool to rub over the letters. They adhere to the new surface, and you slowly peel away the paper leaving the letters behind. It is fantastic! I love it.

To remove the letters, the instructions say to blow them with a warm hair dryer and peel them away. They are not reusable, but they are not supposed to damage the surface. What a great idea!

There are tons of fabulous ideas on the graffitiCHIC website. On my wish list are the Home is Where Our Story Begins and Return With Honor items. Mother's Day is coming. Check it out!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Still Thinking

The message we heard at church yesterday is still playing through my head. That's a really good thing.

We went step by step through this confession from the book of Hebrews.

Jesus Christ is God's Son and our high priest. After he made purification for sins he sat down at the right hand of the Father, where he intercedes for us and runs all things by the word of His power. He will preserve us through suffering, trial, and temptation by giving us grace and mercy, IF we draw near to Him and hold fast our confession.

Norm Wakefield of Elijah Ministries was the speaker, and the message was from his book, Anchored in Christ: The Solid Rock in the Storms of Life. It was one of those times when the words went straight to my heart. I desperately need to be reminded to draw near and hold fast.
Since I couldn't get these thoughts off my mind, I decided to add them to the wall in our breakfast room. This way, we will see them every day, and hopefully our focus will be drawn to Jesus, the Rock to which we can hold fast.

Want to add something like this to one of your walls? Easy! Just choose a font you like and enlarge it. Each of my words fit on one regular sheet in landscape view.

Tip: Choosing a font that is somewhat irregular helps disguise any slight misalignment, bump, or other goof you might possibly encounter.

I use dry brush stencil paint, so regular paper works just fine for a one-time stencil. Cut the letters out of the paper leaving the hole for your stencil. Use a craft knife if you need to, but scissors work pretty well for large letters.

Position the stencils on your wall, and start painting. I just cut off a corner of a ScotchRite sponge and started daubing.

Daub--v. to paint unskillfully

Yep, that's about right!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Home Again

It is a joy to be settled back into home after a delightful week of spring break. Following a wonderful Resurrection Day service, family lunch and egg hunt, we piled in for a trip to the beautiful mountains of North Carolina.
The weather was a bit chilly when we arrived, and we even saw a little snow falling on Monday. Things warmed up quite a bit, and we had perfect days for hiking and being outdoors.

The trails at Chimney Rock Park were fun and challenging. We hiked to the top of the gorgeous 404-foot waterfall along the Skyline Trail. The views were extraordinary on this mostly clear day. We also walked along the Hickory Nut Trail to the bottom of the waterfall which actually provided the best vantage point for seeing the falls.

There were icicles along the trail, but the day was very pleasant with the wind being a bit cool along the upper portions of the trail. Between these two trails, we explored the Outcroppings which boast some unusual rock formations. We passed through the Needle's Eye and the Subway, sat for a time in the Opera Box, and gazed at the Devil's Head. Our children found some perfect spots for filming a little location footage for their upcoming movie.

We were also able to visit Bilmore House in Asheville, NC. It was another gorgeous spring day, and we spent a good part of our time exploring the grounds. Their Festival of Flowers is coming up in a couple of weeks, but very few things were actually in bloom. My favorite daffodils and a few tulips were colorful spots in the gardens, but the azaleas hadn't yet begun to flower.

The house, as always, was elegant and stunning. Our children were visiting for the first time, and they were impressed by the sheer size of the house and the richness of the furnishings. They enjoyed seeing the common areas like the study and the billiard room, but they grew a tad bored with the endless stream of bedrooms. Everyone perked up a bit in the basement when we saw the bowling alley and indoor pool.

Lazy days with lots of reading, a little swimming, a little tennis, and lots of good food rounded out a restful week. Now we're home and unpacked. The suitcases are put away, and we are ready to get on with the business of spring. Where are you, springtime?