Friday, February 8, 2008

The Exploding Casserole

There is a great story at Amy's Humble Musings about her latest dinner fiasco. I was amazed to read about her Pyrex dish exploding, but even more amazed to read comment after comment from other women who have had similar experiences.

I thought I was the only one.

I was trying a new recipe for a millet casserole given to me by a friend. I put everything in the dish and set it on the stovetop while the oven preheated. I didn't realize that the eye on the stove was on from something else I'd been doing, and the casserole dish heated up.

When the stove was preheated, I picked up the dish to slide it into the oven. Just as I was putting it on the oven rack, it exploded.

Do you know how small millet is?

Picture teeny tiny pieces of birdseed. Not sunflower seeds. The little, bitty, tiny ones.

I think the recipe called for 2 cups of millet, but honestly it was as if I had used a 10 lb. bag. The stuff was everywhere--all over the floor, inside the oven, and even down in the drawer underneath. My daddy never paints out of a full can. He always pours a small amount into a bucket. He says if you spill a cup, it will look like five gallons. He's absolutely right. It's the same principle.

It took forever to get everything cleaned up because I had to let the oven cool down before wiping up all the water and *clear throat* the millet. Every time I swept the kitchen after that event, I had millet in the dust pan. We no longer live in that house, but I guarantee you that all who live there in the future will do the same and wonder from where in the world it comes.
I have never had the courage to attempt a millet casserole since.

My mamma always told me, "God looks after fools and children." I like to remind myself that I am His child.

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