Friday, November 23, 2007


We lost our sweet Papa early this morning, so the last 24 hours have been a tiring, trying time. Yet in the midst of great sorrow I have seen some wonderful things. Last night much of my family gathered around his bed reminiscing about old times, recalling crazy things and sweet memories alike. We read encouraging Scriptures about God's Provision and Heaven. We told Papa how much we loved him and how knowing him had made our lives so much richer.

We are blessed to have a very close-knit family and to enjoy really positive relationships with our extended family. We genuinely enjoy getting together for family gatherings. In the last few weeks, there has been an even sweeter fellowship. Although we are all busy with families, jobs, and church responsibilities and sometimes let too much time go by, we really care about each other and love the opportunity to be together and catch up on all that is happening.

I feel so sorry for people who don't have a man like Papa in their lives. He lived a life worthy of imitation before his family and friends. Rather than tell us how we ought to act, he showed us by example every day of his life . He was a faithful, loving husband to our dear grandmother for 62 years. He had perfect attendance in Sunday School for 54 years. He never passed up an opportunity to help someone. Our lives are better because of his influence.

I also ache for those who don't have a loving, supportive family. What a difference it makes! Yes, we are hurting, but we are hurting together. We will make it through these difficult days, and we will be stronger as a result. Papa would want that, and we will honor his desire.

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