Saturday, September 8, 2007

Letting Go

Hezekiah received the letter from the messengers and read it. Then he went up to the temple of the Lord and spread it out before the Lord. And Hezekiah prayed to the Lord. Isaiah 37:14-15 NIV

I love these words from the Old Testament book of Isaiah. The imagery is so vivid, and the very idea is such an encouragement to me. When faced with almost certain destruction from a devastatingly powerful enemy, Hezekiah went straight to the Lord and laid the problem out before Him.

It's not that God didn't know what was going on with Hezekiah. He didn't need to read the letter to know that the king of Assyria was ready to send his forces to attack Jerusalem. God already knew everything, even the eventual outcome.

I believe that Hezekiah's actions signified his complete and total dependence on God for deliverance. Hezekiah spread the letter out before God to acknowledge that while he was inadequate to face this foe, God was fully capable and Hezekiah was willing to allow the fate of his people to remain in the Lord's hands. In some way, Hezekiah was able to release the threat to the Lord.

I am reminded of times when our children are trying to do something themselves, and they are struggling. Although I want them to be resourceful and assert their independence, sometimes they attempt to tackle things that are simply beyond their abilities. We might offer to help, but they refuse, sometimes even physically turning away from us.

One of our little ones was famous for saying, "I do it myself!" After many failed attempts and our continued offers of help, they would often reluctantly hand over the problem and allow us, the parents, to fix it. We were glad to be of assistance, but we couldn't help until they let go and gave it over to us.

I don't know what enemies you may be facing, but I'm pretty sure there is something lurking out there in most of our lives. I have a few pressing needs that I am choosing to lay out before the Lord today. In fact I'm going to write them down, lay them before the Most High God, and release them into His excellent care. It may be that He is just waiting for me to let go.

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