Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Outfitting a Princess

It was a relatively simple request.

"Mom, will you make a princess dress for me?"

One of the dear little girls at church was having a princess birthday party, and she invited my 16-year- old daughter to attend. What fun to go to a party dressed as a princess! Of course, I would do that. It had been a long time since I'd had the joy of sewing something for my little girl. For the last several years, she has had no interest in anything handmade.

We headed off to the fabric store and chose a pattern, fabric, and all the notions...including 22 eyelets! I am such a sucker! I had never done eyelets before, but I was determined.

It turned out to be such a blessed project. Challenging, yes, but also very rewarding. The result was a beautiful dress fit for a princess, my princess. The by-product was special time spent with my little girl who is now a young woman. I like her so much!

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